How much does it cost to book The Swing Empire?
Each performance is priced individually and depends on a few factors, i.e. the location of the event, the time of day we are required to perform at and set up times etc. When enquiring please provide us with as much information and details as possible so we can provide you with and accurate quote.

Which areas of the country do you cover?
Most of our performances are within Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, however, we do travel anywhere within the UK.

How long do you play for?
The normal performance duration for The Swing Empire is 2x 1 hour sets with a 15-20min break inbetween (in which time we play recorded music through our professional music system). We also offer a 3x 45min performance.

Do we need to feed the band?
Band members often have to travel very far to reach an event, and then there is the setting up time and playing time on top of that! So it's a yes please! A hot meal and access to soft drinks would be much appreciated.

How long does the band take to set up?
It takes The Swing Empire approx 1 hour to set up.

Can we choose the songs?
The Swing Empire's show has been meticulously worked out over many years, and from performing at 1000's of events of all different kinds you can trust us when we say, 'we know what works!' So please leave the set list to us. However, you can certainly let us know of any particular songs within our repertoire that you definitely want us to play, and also which ones you wish for us not to play.

What does the band need?
We ask for an appropriate area with enough space for the band to set up and play in (approx 5m by 3m minimum), also a safe mains power supply close by to the area where we will be performing.

Where can we see you play?
Unfortunately nearly all of our performances are for private events. However, we do sometimes perform at functions open to the public, so please ask when you enquire as we may have one in the diary coming up soon.

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